Posted by: kriscdub | December 27, 2009

Holiday Cookie Madness Part 6: Turtle Pretzels

Turtle pretzels are about the easiest treat you can make for the holidays short of pouring a bag of M&Ms in a bowl. The most difficult part is unwrapping all the rolos. They’re great. Salty and sweet, crunchy and chewy, they’re ready in about 10 minutes. When you’re marathon baking Christmas cookies, these are a welcome respite. They’re also the winding down of the madness, and with a simple recipe like this, it’s a nice quickie post and a good rest for the dramatic finale tomorrow.

For the turtle pretzels, here’s all you need:

Like I said, the hardest part is unwrapping all the rolos. And that’s the first thing you do. You’ll want to line a microwave safe plate with wax paper, then spread out some pretzels on the plate. We actually used the glass turntable out of our microwave so that we could get them all done in one batch. Just make sure that you get all the pretzels all the way on the wax paper, or they’re harder to take off later. Place one rolo on each pretzel.

Place the plate in the microwave and zap them for 30 seconds. 30 is perfect on the microwave at home, but you need about 45 on the microwave in Ann Arbor. The chocolate should look shiny, and the rolos will start melting down into the middle of the pretzel.

Once they’re slightly melted, Press a pecan into the middle of each rolo. If you have some guests who don’t like nuts, you can also press another pretzel or an M&M into the chocolate. Place the plate of turtles in the freezer or in your big garage fridge until the chocolate is firm again. That’s it. Four pictures and you’re done!

Pretzel turtles

To be honest, I don’t know where this recipe is from. I certainly didn’t come up with it. I think Mom heard it from someone at work.

1 bag of rolos

mini pretzel twists

whole pecans

On a plate lined with wax paper, place as many pretzels as will fit laying flat. Place one wrapped rolo on each pretzel. Microwave plate of pretzels for about 30 seconds. Press one whole pecan into each melted rolo, then place the plate of turtles in a freezer until chocolate is firm, about 10 minutes.


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