Welcome to Sibling Cutlery! If you’ve stumbled across our little site, you’re either a fan of food and everything that goes with it, into watching intrafamilial one-upmanship play itself out on the web, or someone with a very disturbing fetish looking for naughty pictures. If you’re one of the first two, have a look around. If you’re the last, please seek counseling.

This blog was started by a brother/sister team in the summer of 2009 as a way to share their interest in cooking, baking, kitchen gadgets, and all manner of gastronomic topics. Hopefully, Sibling Cutlery will include posts on recipes, cooking tips, interesting food-related places, and whatever else catches our interest. We’re amateur cooks looking for new flavors and skills, so if you’re willing to bear with our experimentation, we’re happy to have you along for the ride.

Food is art and science that you get to eat. You have to eat anyway, so have some fun doing it!

Garrick Williams

meNcupcakesFresh out of the Masters program at the University of Michigan Department of Aerospace Engineering and newly transplanted to Chandler, AZ, Garrick is apparently a real-life rocket scientist. No, really. So why a food blog? Well, rocket science is actually a lot like cooking. Done well, it’s a thing of beauty that will have national news network s playing tearful tributes 40 years later. Done poorly, it can be a fiery disaster that leads to screaming, city-wide evacuations, and some awkward conversations with your family.

Garrick’s main food interests are Southwestern cooking, grilling, barbecue, and good beer and bourbon. He also loves cakes, pies, etc., but can’t really eat a whole cheesecake by himself, so entrees and side dishes will be his major focus on Sibling Cutlery. Out of the kitchen and away from the grill, he enjoys rocketry (duh),  hiking, and kayaking.

Kristen Williams

Through three out of four years at the University of Michigan, Kristen is double DSC_0038majoring in psychology and creative writing. She’s no rocket scientist,but she can make a mean blondie.

After living in the dorms and borrowing kitchens to keep up her baking habit for two years, Kristen now lives in a house with a real live kitchen. Baking escapades are sure to ensue, especially since a few of her housemates share her enthusiasm in the kitchen.

Kristen loves cooking, but baking has always been her primary interest, and being surrounded by hungry college students makes it easy to get rid of all those cupcakes. Baked goods will be her primary focus on Sibling Cutlery, but since she also needs to eat something other than brownies occasionally, she’ll be contributing whatever she scrounges up in her college kitchen. Outside of cooking, Kristen loves reading, biking, gaming, and dyeing her hair.

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