Posted by: kriscdub | July 28, 2010

Passion Palmer: Copycat Ice Tea Lemonade

I have a serious addiction to Arnold Palmer. I’ve recently started buying it in gallon sized jugs, because there is no other way to keep enough on hand to sate my thirst. I know it’s not the best thing for me, what with its artificial sweeteners and questionable amount of actual tea, but it’s just so refreshing. It’s the perfect summer drink. At least, it was. On a recent visit to another questionable source of tea, I saw a poster for Passion iced tea lemonade. Despite the mouthful of a name, I knew I had to have it. See, Tazo Passion is the best herbal tea known to man. Add this to my lifelong obsession with anything lemonade and, well, you’ve got a drink of delicious proportions on your hands. Unfortunately, said coffee shop was out of lemonade, so I had to settle for Passion iced tea. I vowed on that disappointing day that no lemonadeless coffee shop would stand in my way of the combination of the most deliciously refreshing drink of which I could conceive. You, dear Sibling Cutlery readers, can now reap the fruits of my quest to recreate the drink that I so devastatingly desired, or something similarly evocative of me slaying a dragon for your benefit.

Other than its epic deliciousness, the best part of this drink is that it is fantastically simple. You only need three ingredients to reach lightly fruity, sweet-tart summer bliss. Unless you count water, and then it’s four. Details.

Sugar, lemon juice, and of course, Tazo Passion. Please ignore the filthiness of my kitchen throughout this post. I had just returned from a month-long trip and things fall apart when I’m gone, apparently. And it wasn’t my week to clean the kitchen, so I, uh, didn’t. Don’t worry about it.

Boil up some water. I only have a 1 liter pitcher, so that’s what I used, but if you have one that is two liters, it’s easy enough to double the recipe. Boil more water than it takes to fill up your pitcher, since some of it will evaporate. Also be sure that your pitcher can withstand boiling water. Mine is made of hard plastic that doesn’t melt at the temperature the water reaches, and that’s what I would recommend. Some glass pitchers will shatter with the temperature change, and softer plastics might melt.

While the water boils, place two tea bags per liter of water in your pitcher of choice. You could also add the tea bags to the boiling water, but I’m lazy and don’t like having to wash the pot. Plus this way I can leave the tea bags in after I place the pitcher in the fridge, which may or may not make the tea stronger. It definitely makes me think that the tea is stronger, and that’s really the point here.

Now add the boiling water to the tea bags and allow them to steep. I let the tea cool on the counter uncovered until I can pick up the pitcher without burning my hands. Not burning your hands is generally a good indicator that things are cool enough to pick up.

By the time the tea is cool enough to touch, enough water should have evaporated to leave room for the other ingredients. If not, have a nice glass of iced tea as you add them later. For now, leave the tea in the fridge overnight or until it is cold. I like to make the tea before I go to bed, then finish the rest of the drink when it starts getting too hot to do anything but sit on the couch and sweat.

Sorry, that was not a refreshing visual at all. Like my filthy kitchen, just ignore it if it makes you uncomfortable.

When the tea is cold or you simply can’t wait any longer, add half a cup of sugar and half a cup of lemon juice per liter of tea. I tend to like things very tart, but I think this drink works better when it is relatively tame, so I didn’t go overboard on the lemon here. You can always give it a taste after you stir it up and adjust the sugar and lemon levels as needed. Add some raspberries if you like for a pretty garnish, and then a nice snack midway through. I’ve also got a brand new bottle of raspberry rum that I’m guessing will make a lovely addition. So pour it in a glass, kick back on your porch, and for gods sake, bring a fan, cause it is hot.

Passion Palmer

Recipe by me, recreating what I imagine Starbucks Passion Iced Tea Lemonade to taste like

2 bags Tazo Passion tea

1/2 cup lemon juice

1/2 cup sugar

Bring just over one liter of water to boil on the stovetop. When boiling, pour into shatter-proof pitcher with tea bags. Allow the tea to steep uncovered until it is cool enough to handle. Some water should evaporate in this process. Cover tea and place in refrigerator overnight or until cold. Remove tea bags. Add lemon juice and sugar, stir until dissolved.



  1. This looks amazing and very creative. Momma is very proud and will need to try some soon. Make me some when you come home please.

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